On-line Papers and Presentations

ISMM 2015

Spur, Eliot Miranda & Clément Béra, Paper (and these blog posts)

ESUG 2014

Sista, Clément Béra, Video Part 1, Part 2, Slides

Spur, Eliot Miranda, Video Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Slides

IWST 2014

Sista Bytecodes, Clément Béra, Video, Slides

Sista Bytecodes, Clément Béra & Eliot Miranda, Paper

VMIL 2011

Cog VM, Eliot Miranda, Paper

ESUG 2008

Cog VM, Eliot Miranda, Video, Slides

Stanford EE380 Colloquium

AOStA (the original name for Sista), Eliot Miranda, Video

OOPSLA ’99 Workshop on Simplicity, Performance and Portability
in Virtual Machine Design

Context-to-Stack Mapping, Eliot Miranda, Paper (but see this blog post)

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