The following people have made or are making significant contributions to Cog.  Thank you all!


Jean Baptiste Arnaud – Ported StackVM to Android, ported Alien to ARM

Clément Béra – lead on Sista, “Speculative Inlining Small-talk Architecture”, a bytecode-to-bytecode level adaptive optimizer

Gilad Bracha – Gilad has designed and implemented bytecodes for Newspeak

Nicolas Cellier – Nicolas is the numerics expert

Marcus Denker – Marcus was involved early on with the work that lead to Sista

Alex Franchuk – Alex has contributed Plan9 platform support

Claus Gittinger – Claus contributed the design for multiple bytecode support

Nicolai Hess – Nicolai has contributed fixes to BitBlt and display handling

Göran Krampe - Göran maintains the VM for Terf

David Lewis – David is the Squeak VM lead and has helped keep Cog and the Squeak VM from diverging too wildly

Esteban Lorenzano – Esteban is working on the Spur bootstrap for Pharo (which is working!) and on 64-bit Spur

Ryan Macnak – Ryan is the keeper of the MIPS backend for the Cog JIT.  He has extended the interpreter and JIT with support for Newspeak’s absent receiver sends, as well as providing benchmarks, and finding and fixing lots of bugs.

John McIntosh – John is that author of most of the Mac OS support in the VM, including the Cocoa platform support.

Doug McPherson – Doug is managing linux build configuration (a difficult job) and has contributed the ARM FFI plugin.

Andreas Raab, RIP – Andreas provided the opportunity for Cog to start and was the client for useful functionality such as dumping the stack to the console, etc.

Tim Rowledge – Tim is the keeper of the ARM backend for the Cog JIT (Cogit).

Ronie Salgado – Ronie has worked in the bowels of the Cog JIT (Cogit) extending it to support his Lowcode scheme (support for fast low-level arithmetic and FFI calls) both for Sista and the FFI

Igor Stasenko – Igor is the author of NativeBoost, a Smalltalk-level native code generator for generating FFI calls that he has integrated into Cog.

Marcel Taeumel – Marcel has contributed long filename support for win32

Lars Wasserman – Lars implemented the ARM code generator for the Cog JIT (Cogit) that Tim completed.

Bob Westergaard – Bob maintains Cadence’s VM building CI infrastructure, driving debugging support.


and of course many others have contributed to the wider Squeak VM, its plugins and so on.


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